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Part 4 “Know the ledge - On the edge of reality”

Tarishi Midnight-Shuler

Photographed By Robert Cooper

Fundamentals by Tahir

In A Whole Different State Of Mind! Always Striving For A Higher Self, A Higher Way Of Thinking & Understanding!

Today’s Inspiration is ‪#‎ENERGY‬ & ‪#‎SELFAWARENESS‬

How do we awaken in ourselves an energy that has its own momentum, that is its own cause and effect, an energy that has no resistance and does not deteriorate? How does one come by it? Many religions have spoken of various methods, and by practicing a particular method one is supposed to get this energy. But methods do not give this energy. The practice of a method implies conformity, resistance, denial, acceptance, adjustment, so that whatever energy one has is merely wearing itself out. If you saw the truth of this, you would question these methods. If energy has a motive, an end towards which it is going, that energy is self-destructive. And for most of us energy does have a motive. We are driven by a desire to achieve, to become this or that, and therefore our energy defeats itself.

Energy is made feeble, petty, when it is conforming to the past and this is our greatest difficulty. The past is not only the many yesterdays but also every minute that is being accumulated, the memory of everything we’ve done. This accumulation in the mind is also destructive of energy. So to awaken this energy, the mind must have no resistance, no motive, no end in view, and it must not be caught in time as yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Then energy is constantly renewing itself and therefore not degenerating. Such a mind is not committed; it is completely free, and it is only such a mind that can end the unnameable, that extraordinary something which is beyond words. The mind must free itself from the known to enter into the unknown.

When man becomes aware of the movement of his own consciousness he will see the division between the thinker and the thought, the observer and the observed, the experiencer and the experienced. He will discover that this division is an illusion. Then only is there pure observation which is insight without any shadow of the past . This timeless insight brings about a deep radical mutation in the mind.

The whole structure of our thinking is based on our natural desire for “more”, and when one completely understands the demand for the “more”, with all its results, there is surely a complete dissociation from society; and only the individual who is completely dissociated from society can act upon society.


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Who wants a relationship?

Thoughts of Emmanuel Ehiemua

In today’s World, it seems like the single life is “Hott”. The “Playas” have met their match; the “Playetts”. The “Cougars” have joined in on the race with the “Dogs”. And everybody seems to be content to “Just Do It”…I mean…”Just Do Me”.
The Rich n’ Famous usually set the standard for what’s “Hott” in our society. From new clothing trends to automobiles and social etiquette; even our personal dreams fall victim to the “Matrix”. Exiting relationships seems to be one of those addictive trends. So many people are so quick to toss in the white flag and roll-tide that all the crowded “fish in the sea” are washing ashore. The problem with gazing up at the STARS is that you can’t see where you’re going. Once you finally decide to lower your chin, you might find yourself, by yourself. Wishing your only companion, time, would just slow down a little.

The circles of “Playas” has grown exponentially to include just as many women as men. But…if everyone’s the “Playa”, who’s left to be played? Seems again that many enjoy the taste of freedom so much that they struggle with getting up from the table. After Loving their cake and eating it too, they strap-in for a long blissful ride. The problem is that stopping at a rest stop ain’t really resting at all. And long trips solo are well…lonely.

Not trying to be “DeBo the Downer”, but I think we as a society should be magnifying loving unions and less break-ups. They say the grass always looks greener on the other side. Well, if you’ve ever been on both sides of the fence then you know that’s a facade. It’s much easier to put time and effort into your own property and grow your own grass.

I’m just saying. I like relationships…but let me read your thoughts…

Emmanuel is an author, poet, and loving husband. You can purchase his latest book “My Thoughts” on Amazon.com (Keyword: Ehiemua)

Part Three

Tarishi Midnight-Shuler

Photographed By Robert Cooper

Music Monday Rewind: Jacob Miller

"I’m a Natty, whoah oh - not a dreadlock.I’m a Rastaman -whoah oh, not a dreadlocks. I’m a Natty, whoah oh, - not a dreadlock.Whoah! Hey, hey! See my Natty dread, ah, ah, ah..I just let it grow, grow and grow and grow now, It feels so good…" - I’m A Rastaman

Song: “I’m a Rastaman”

In the 70’s locs (dreadlocks) was not a fashion statement. When brothers grew their locs during this time especially in Jamaica you were subjected to major scrutiny. Ras Timothy a Rastafarian for over 25 yrs told me that some families went as far as disowning their children for this lifestyle choice. “I was lucky” he told me “I grow from rasta because my father became rasta…” He then went on to tell me that even though his father and immediate were all rasta, there were some family members that weren’t and it caused quite a stir. He recalled a time when his grandmother used to criticize father about his “dutty” hair and foolish talk. When I asked him about the song ‘I’m a rastaman’ he told me this song was a testament to his journey. “You can feel the pride [Jacob] has for his locs and the love for being Rastafarian.” He also went on by saying that this song was one of his fathers favorites and remember his dad playing it often. “My father loved Jacob Millers music. I believe this is one of his best artists. Gone way to soon, Killa Miller… “

Song : “Tenement Yard”

"Dreadlocks can’t live in a…tenement can’t live in a tenement yard Dreadlocks can’t live in a tenement yard Too much su-su su-su su-su, too much watchie watchie you…Too much su-su su-su su-su, too much watchie what you are…"

A Tenement Yard ( better known as a Tenement House) is a housing community almost similar to a modern day housing project. In this song, Jacob talks about how difficult it was being a Rasta and living amongst other non- Rastas and how people would generally talk ill about you. “This is very True “Ras Timothy said “Rastas were outcasts and couldn’t go anywhere without people whispering about you…”

Song: “Curly Locks”

In this song, Jacob is singing to what appears to be a woman and in this song he talks about father not allowing her to “play with him” now that he is a “dreadlocks”. When I asked Ras Timothy about this song he started to laugh. Soon after he begin to tell me a story. ” Back when I was in Jamaica there was a girl I liked she had the softest brown eyes. She lived near one of my great aunts house and I would go by there a lot because she was old. I was kinda shy back then but after watching her for a while, I finally started talking to her. We clicked instantly. For months I would go by my aunts and see her. Then one day she told me we couldn’t talk anymore: her Dad found out about us and he was angry. Fast forward 16 years I’m in New York and I see a woman with the same brown eyes. To make a long story short I married her 5 yrs later. Just like I figured her Dad didn’t like the fact I was Rasta and told her not to deal with me…”

Jacob Miller went on to record many songs. He even had the opportunity of a lifetime by going on tour with Bob Marley. Sadly right after returning to Jamaica, he died tragically in a car accident.

Rip Jacob “Killa”

On the Fly - Thoughts of Paul Wayne

One of the things I realized in life is that it never goes according to plan and because of that, you must always be mentally prepared to be “on the fly”. The first principle is knowing that it will take discipline. The second is having faith and the last is trusting your intuition. (which clearly represents the God in you)

In order to embrace this concept, you must be spiritually grounded, have knowledge of self and be kind hearted. If your are not genuinely a kind hearted person, the karma of the universe will punish your soul.

You also must have standards and values. You have refrain from conforming to idealistic social standards. As an adult doing so can truly inhibit your growth and ability to be of service to those truly in need. You also have to know how to let go and not be consumed with the desire for material possessions!

You can not be “on the fly” with literal baggage!

Paul Wayne is a musician and a writer from Jamaica. He is a father of two teen daughters and a lover of all things natural from hair to life. Currently, he resides in Brooklyn.

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