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Save The Date! Men With Locs 2nd Year Anniversary Party! May 31st at the Urban Art Gallery in Philadelphia. Flyer coming soon!

Instagram & Twitter @menwithlocs
FB www.fb.com/menwithlocs

Save The Date! Men With Locs 2nd Year Anniversary Party! May 31st at the Urban Art Gallery in Philadelphia. Flyer coming soon!

Music Monday: Afrobeat Artist Flavour

This week for music Monday we are featuring Afrobeat artist Flavour from Nigeria. How I came across his music, was from my best friend who is a huge fan of Afrobeat often talked about how great his music is. I too am also a huge fan of Afrobeat but I’m embarrassed to say that most often I don’t know a lot of the artists names however, Flavour is one who I can’t forget because I enjoy his music so much! Check out the song “Null” (Link below) as well as the rest of his songs on YouTube. If you are a fan a good African music you will love his just as much as I do!


Hello Everyone!

I had the opportunity to stay with the family of Versatile Excell in the beautiful island of Jamaica. I was invited to document the full 5 days of the trip while he recorded 4 music videos and shoot footage of a documentary that he will also release later on this year. I was very excited and honored that he wanted to share this experience with us and I look forward to talking about my trip as well as display some I the images I photographed so look out for the posts.

Take Care!

Thoughts of Paul Wayne

So many have chosen to be restricted and burdened by toxic relationships that have past their time. Remove yourself out of that lifeless comfort zone and give yourself the happiness in life that you deserve.

Be into your children, absorb yourself with you, be creative and tap into an artistic passion, define yourself spiritually, perform kind deeds. There are many young women waiting for your sound advice, via your experience of being healed from heartbreak and various ills of this world.

Once you are at peace and oneness with yourself, you will attract that same energy in all facets of life as you so desire.

There comes a point in life that if you continue give too much love to the wrong people for the wrong reasons, it is like giving nothing at all. You will then have nothing left for yourself.

No one is exempt from the various trial and tribulations that life offers, but it is ones responsibility to learn, grow and evolve from each experience. You can not keep making the same choices that do not offer evolution and growth. If so it simply means that you are not in tune with yourself.

No romantic relationship will validate you. It is only you that can validate you!

Live as love, as the loving essence of the feminine is what keeps the balance of the world in place. Mother nature indeed

-paul wayne

Model: Anthony Whitehead
Photography: Shonell Young

“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature….”

Music Monday: Hem Musik

Tonite for music Monday, I decided to revisit a old interview we did a last year with Virginia based artist Hem Music! Check it out and make sure you take a listen to his music too.

How long have you been making music?

"I’ve been rapping since I was 8 years old. My music is my platform to spread my message. Its a mixture of spirituality and just being honest about who I am and the obstacles of my life…"

How would you describe your style? (Rapping)

"My style is universal. I try to bridge the gap between the old, with the new. At times I can be demanding with my flow, or there’s time where I might come off more laid back. Then there are songs where I get real goofy and animated. I never box myself in…"

Who are your musical influences?

KRS-ONE, The Roots, 2 Pac, Biggie, Rakim, Nas, LL Cool J, Big Pun Clipse, Ghostface Killah…

What is your favorite Hip Hop album of all time?

"Clipse- Lord Willin"

Where can we check out your music?





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