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Loc’d Talk w/ Apex

Name: Tshepo Seboko - my friends call me Apex.
Age: 26
Location: Protea Glen, Soweto, Johannesburg

What made you decide to loc your hair?
Ive always had a love for my hair, locking it was me embracing that love.

How long have you been locd?
Since December 2009

Where do you go for loc maintenance?
Theres a rasta girl from around my hood who helps from time to time, otherwise my girlfriend helps me.

What’s your favorite product?
I don’t have a favourite, but olive oil products really helps.

Any advice you would give to someone who wants to loc their hair?
Let your hair(look) represent you and not societies ideals.

"My name is Mikal Boukhari. I live in sunny south Florida. I started taking pictures about seven years ago when I shot one Dreadloc’d Guy in San Fran. I fell in love with the hair and the storys and desided to shoot as many loc’d people as I can for a coffee table book. I shoot on the thirds a lot."

Wandering Compass Photography

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Need a reason to come to our 2 year anniversary party? Well here is why you should be there, art by the one and only JahSun of FariStudios! He made these two exclusively for the event!

Urban Art Gallery
262  S.52nd St

May 31st 7-10pm.
Wine, food 12.00 admission

Sitting on the bench in the park this past Sunday, its was Mothers Day, and Ronnie and I just finished taking some updated photos of him.

“So this is going to be a yearly thing with us huh…”

I laughed. It almost seems that way since the last time Ronnie and I got together was around this time last year. It’s never intentional though.

I met Ronnie about 2 years ago. I was coming home from work one evening on the 46 a local bus here in Philly. When he boarded a few stops after I did, immediately my eyes zoomed in on his beautiful medium thick locs styled to perfection.

He sat down several seats behind me looking tired and unapproachable so I changed my mind about speaking to him, but when he got off at the same stop I did, I got a sudden change of heart. I complimented him on his hair and told him a little about the blog. At this time the blog was almost 6 months old still growing. Tia and I both were ready to take some promo pics to print up flyers which I told him about all while handing him my business card. I urged him to call me, but in the back of my mind I didn’t think he was.

A few days later, I received a pleasant email from Ronnie wanting to know more information about the shoot Tia and I was planning. I was so excited! I gave him the details, he showed up with another brother we invited name Jae and the rest was history.

Ronnie is a quiet type of guy, a little shy in fact. When we get together, I often sneak photos of him because I can sense his tenseness when I tell him to pose. Its all good because we always get great pictures so Im definitely not complaining!


More Loc’d Brothers at Odunde in B & W 

#ThrowBackThursday! Photos we took at Odunde last year. Tia and I are so excited that it will be coming back up in a few weeks!!!

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From the “Nappy Head Series”

Photography by: Tanisha Lynn Pyron


Model: Chris Smith


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